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Some players prefer to open 1 holding 5 clubs and 4 diamonds to prepare a rebid.  This often leads to a false preference for diamonds.  For example, if North opens 1 with ♠72 96 KQ63 ♣AKJ94, the auction may proceed as shown below.

North East South West
1 1 1♠ Pass
2♣ Pass ?  


South, with a hand like ♠QJ854 J93 872 ♣Q72, will take a preference for diamonds.  East-West miss their 8-card club fit.  North can avoid this by opening 1♣, planning to rebid 1NT or 2♣.

For a great discussion on this topic, see Andrew Gumperz' "4 Diamonds and 5 Clubs" article.  

When a minimum opener has an awkward rebid problem, sometimes it is better to pass.  See Steve Weinstein's "Let's Take a Pass" article.