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The Mission of Loeb Bridge

  • Help players enjoy the cognitive benefits of playing bridge
  • Help players improve
  • Help players have more fun at the bridge table

In keeping with these goals, we built this website to be your best resource for bridge learning.  We promote the cognitive benefits of bridge.  We offer many articles and video lessons to help players improve. 

David & Maureen Loeb are bridge directors, bridge teachers, and bridge professionals.  Thousands of players at hundreds of bridge clubs use David's weekly commentary for The Common Game to help improve their skills and their enjoyment of the game we love.  Look for David's commentary every  Monday afternoon for clubs participating in The Common Game. David & Maureen own the Ventura Bridge Club in Orlando, and direct at the Edgeworth Bridge Club and the Zelienople Bridge Club in Pittsburgh.

Sharing Bridge Tips on Many Channels

Best Way to Improve

One of the best ways to improve your game and support our mission is to join our coummunity at  For just $10 per month, subscribers have unlimited access to our video lessons.

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