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Here is a list of lesson topics available for private lessons in person, at bridge festivals, or on Zoom.
Purchase these lessons at the Loeb Bridge Store.  We will follow up with you regarding the date and time of the lesson.

Lesson Series

2/1 Game Force Series:

  1. Overview of the benefits of 2/1 Game Force.  Why it is easier than Standard American.  How to make a 2/1 Game Force.  Rebids in 2/1 Auctions.
  2. How to respond when you don't have a game force.  The pros & cons of 1NT Forcing versus 1NT semi-forcing.  The pros & cons of Bergen Raises
  3. Choosing the right game.  Game priorities.  How to right-side notrump conracts.  The best rebid structure after 1H-2C and 1S-2C.
  4. Slam bidding.  The meaning of jump bids.  Cue bidding and gauging the level of slam interest.
  5. 1-2♣ 2/1 Game Force.  Rebids.  How to find the right game.  How to right-side notrump contracts.  Assessing slam interest. 
  6. Improving 2/1 Game Force

Planning Lesson Series

  1. A Time for Planning - provides a checklist for declarer to consider when dummy is tabled
  2. Placing Cards - discusses how declarer can place cards in the hidden hands and provides examples to apply your card placing skills
  3. Form Your Plan - takes the concepts from the first 2 lessons and applies it to boards for class discussion
  4. Examples of planning - practice play and a discussion of the boards played

Lesson Topics

  • 1m-1M-2m Auctions (3rd Suit Forcing)
  • 1NT Forcing versus Semi-Forcing
  • 2-way New Minor Forcing 
  • 2nd Hand Play
  • 3rd Hand Play
  • 4th Suit Forcing to Game
  • Advancing a Takeout Double of a Weak 2 (using the Lebensohl Convention)
  • Avoidance Plays
  • Balancing:  Don't let the opponents steal your matchpoints
  • Best Practice for SAYC and 2/1 Game Force
  • Big Hands Begin with a Double
  • Building Tricks
  • Captain of the Auction
  • Control Bids
  • Count Your Way to Winning Bridge
  • Dead Notrump Defense
  • Defending 2 Suited Overcalls
  • Defending Interference Over 1NT (using the Lebensohl Convention)
  • Defending - What to lead and why?  What to return and why?
  • Defensive Signals:  What, when, how & why
  • Defensive Signals Advanced:  How to signal Suit Preference or Count when completing an echo
  • Defensive Strategies
  • Don’t Let the Opponents Play Well against You
  • Trump Management:  Draw Trump or Not to Draw Trump
  • Drury
  • End Plays
  • Fast Arrival
  • Feature Asking 2NT Response to a Weak 2
  • Flannery
  • Game Priorities
  • Gazzilli
  • Good-Bad 2NT:  Differentiate competitive bids from invitational bids
  • Hand Evaluation 
  • Inverted Minors (best agreements)
  • Jacoby 2NT (traditional and recommended improvements)
  • Jacoby 2NT Auctions:  Handling Interference
  • Jacoby Transfers & Texas Transfers
  • Inviting Game without Helping the Opponents
  • Loser on Loser plays
  • Low Information Puppet Stayman
  • Maximal Doubles
  • Meckwell Defense to 1NT
  • Minor Suit Transfers
  • Mixed Raises
  • Negative Doubles & Continuations
  • Non-Serious 3NT Slam Try
  • Notrump Structure
  • Ogust Quality Asking 2NT Response to a Weak 2
  • Opener’s Rebid
  • Opener’s Reverse & Blackout Continuations
  • Opening Balanced Hands
  • Opening Light
  • Overcalls
  • Penalty Doubles
  • Preempt Strategy by Seat Position
  • Punt Bids
  • Range Asking Bid
  • Responders Rebid
  • Responding Light
  • Responsive Doubles, 4th Suit Doubles & Continuations
  • Roman Key Card Blackwood and the Queen Asking Bid
  • Rule of 20 for a 1st or 2nd Seat Opener
  • Safety Plays
  • Smith Echo
  • Smolen
  • Splinter Bids
  • Squeezes
  • Stayman
  • Strong 2♣ Auctions 
  • Suggestion of 22 for a 1st or 2nd Seat Opener
  • Suit Preference Signals
  • Support Doubles & Continuations
  • Takeout doubles & Advancing a Takeout Double
  • Transfers over Opener's 2NT Jump Rebid
  • Transfer Walsh
  • Weak 2 Bids
  • Winning Notrump Leads
  • Woolsey Defense to 1NT
  • XYZ