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Board 4 11/22/2021

David Loeb Hand Analysis
West North East South
1 Pass 1 Pass
2 Pass 2 1 Pass
2 Pass 2NT Pass
3NT All pass    

1:  Artificial Game Force

The Auction: West's hand meets the Rule of 20 and the Suggestion of 22 for a 1st or 2nd seat opener. After West opens 1 , East responds 1 . South Doubles for Takeout . West's 2 rebid shows a minimum opener with 6+ clubs. North knows their partnership has a double fit in the pointed suits, but their paltry 3 HCP are in the rounded suits. Passing seems best. In my "Third Suit Forcing" article, I discuss continues after opener's 2m rebid. Using the lowest unbid suit as an artificial Game Force , similar to 4th Suit Forcing , is easy and effective. With that agreement, East's 2 rebid is an artificial Game Force. West shows their spade suit. East recommends the notrump game. West has no reason to disagree.

The Play: With clubs breaking reasonably, declarer has a clear route to 9 tricks. On the run of the clubs, South has to find 5 discards. South cannot afford to discard more than 1 heart. So South must discard 4 cards from the pointed suits. South's discards make it easy for declarer to win a 10th trick, but South can win 3 tricks: 2 diamonds and either a spade or a heart.