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BridgeBoostBrainHeaderIn the game of bridge, there lies
A wealth of health in disguise
For mind and body, it's a treat
And offers benefits hard to beat

The cards are dealt, the game begins
And mental acuity soon wins
The strategy and focus required
Keep the mind sharp, never tired

As hands are played and bids are made
Decision-making skills are displayed
Attention to detail is a must
And memory is key, as well we trust

But it's not just the brain that gains
The body too, is in good refrains
Sitting up straight, with cards in hand
Improves posture and helps us stand

And let's not forget the social gain
Playing bridge, we make a chain
Of friends and partners, new and old
A community we can tightly hold

So let us take up this game of skill
And reap the health benefits, with a thrill
For bridge is not just a game, you see
It's a way to keep both mind and body free.
Authored by OpenAI's ChatGPT