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Combining ChancesDeclarers study suit combinations to learn the best of line of play to take tricks in a suit.  Suit combinations are not played in isolation.  Good declarers combine their chances to give themselves a better chance to take more tricks.

This 4 card end position iwhere declarer needs to win the last 4 tricks illustrates combining chances.  Declarer has 3 winners.  Their 4th trick could come from a finesse against the ♠Queen, or a finesse against the King.  Declarer should combine their chances by attempting to drop the ♠Queen.  If the ♠Queen doesn't fall, declarer can finesse against the King.

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Here are some examples of declarers combining their chances:

Declarer combines thieir chances in clubs and hearts, using a show-up squeeze, providing the additional opportunity to drop a doubleton Queen offside. 

Declarer combines chances in spades and clubs.

Declarer chooses a line of play offering the potential to win 12 tricks even if the King is offside.

In the Common Game, the King was onside, but declarer can win 12 tricks even if the King is offside if they guess the spades.  Click below to practice combining chance by delcaring the hand below.  See if you can win 12 tricks with the King is offside.  The video above shares our recommended auction and the best line of play.